Founded in 1984, Mercury Management Group, LLC. has provided professional services to sellers, buyers and real estate professionals for over a quarter of a century.
During this span Mercury has stood the test of time and evolved into one of the best service real estate management companies.
      Most important to a successful long-term relationship are three factors: Knowledgeable professionals, responsiveness and a comprehensive range of real estate services. The key members of the Mercury Management Group, LLC. management team, who are all specialists in their various disciplines (property managers, administrative staff, accountants, maintenance personnel, etc.) have worked together for years. The resulting confidence in each other’s expertise, as well as the latest technologies and modern communications network, allows them to respond quickly to changes which may influence a client’s interests. As a client, this means you now have an impressive in-house array of essential resources and services necessary to fulfill all your real estate needs.  This expertise ensures the long term enhancement of property value.     
      Any property management company that can stay in business and thrive for over 25 years must be doing something right. The firm has honed its business practices over the last twenty five years to consistently deliver excellent services to its clients.


      Our maintenance division is a group of personnel experienced in renovation and maintenance services.
      It provides a variety of services on a project and hourly basis to individual residents, property owners and associations of Mercury Management Group, Inc. managed properties. 
      Several team members are Licensed Construction Supervisors (LCS) and they are available to supervise major projects for a separate fee.We take the business of providing quality service, competitive pricing and free estimates to our customers very seriously.  We believe people have a very specific idea about how their homes should look after being serviced by a contractor:  Clean, organized and functional.  As in all successful businesses, those who respond immediately and quickly to the needs of their customers are recognized and remembered throughout the marketplace as leaders.  We understand that to be the best demands constant attention to detail, commitment and clear communication with our clients.  


      Ilya Alexander Schneider is owner of Mercury Management Group, Inc. and holds the title of President and CEO. Mr. Schneider oversees the operations of all divisions of the firm.  He is involved with the day to day operations of each Mercury managed contract to ensure that a high standard of service is delivered to meet the needs and expectations of clients.  Prior to founding the company, Mr. Schneider was Trustee of Strategic Real Estate Investment and President and CEO of New England International Enterprises, Inc with principal offices in Boston, Massachusetts and Providence, Rhode Island. He was a Vice President of Assurance Mortgage Corporation of America of Burlington, Massachusetts.
      Founder and CEO of Landmark Mortgage Corporation of Massachusetts.
Mr. Schneider has been an active investor and developer in Massachusetts and Rhode Island as well as projects overseas in countries Italy, France, Russia, Latvia & Israel since 1983. He holds Masters Degree. Starting his personal investments in 1983 Mr. Schneider successfully completed numerous projects including 40 unit condominium conversion in Boston by 1986 as Trustee and investor himself.  Being himself developer and an investor Mr. Schneider currently holds very impressive portfolio of land and various properties. 


Ilya Alexander Schneider, President & CEO

Tel. (702) 750-0088

Effective Marketing
Credit Reports
Complete Tenant    Screening
Major contract review
Negotiation and    execution of the    Contracts
Prompt Rent Collection
24 hours Emergency    service
Meticulous annual    budgeting 
Detailed financial    reporting
Frequent site inspections
Regular communication
Maintenance    coordination
Mobile maintenance staff
Painting (interior and    exterior) 
Door/Lock Repairs 
Window Repairs
Unit renovations

"I am an out of state landlord with rental properties in Boston and Brookline, Massachusetts. Managing the properties by myself became such a big and growing headache that I was considering to sell them in order to regain my peace of mind. Then I decided to hire Mercury Management Group to be my rental property management agent and, you guessed it: the properties were always rented on time, rent was always collected, and typical maintenance problems are addressed quickly and in a cost sensitive matter. So, for the last ten years, I am still an out of sate landlord, but I live a normal life, and I do not have the debilitating landlord headaches. In short – the excellent services of MMG enabled me to keep the rental properties and to benefit financially from this investment."
Lev Feldkhun – resident of Virginia


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